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Very helpful article with most of the details covered. One question – If I am importing my product from other country, let’s say China, how do I deal with custom duty and custom clearance? Can I still make use of Amazon’s shipping partner (UPS) and they will take care of custom clearance since the shipment will be with them? or do I need to take care of it? I think some details about this are required to be covered?
For the sake of this example, we’re going to assume you purchased your domain from Namecheap. At the bottom of the graph, you can see the same data you saw in the fees summary as well as the total revenue you generated for Amazon and the number of returned items.
There are more ways to making money on Amazon. It can be either by selling stuff online or by leveraging their affiliate program or merch by Amazon. Which of them could turn out to be more profitable depends on your goals, situation, and how much effort you’re willing to put into it.
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One thing I might add (in a bit of a negative jab at Amazon) is their customer service. They are not the most helpful either. I have tried reaching out many times but never got a reply.
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Gosh I was building a site in my niche, and they ditched me twice from the program, now they say they will never welcome me on board ever again, just as fickle as the google adense program. I mean nothing is really for free as they state it is free, there are just too many hard working websites that have been ditched permanently.
I don’t recommend returning non-selling items back to the store you bought them from. I have found that building relationships with store managers and store employees can be very helpful for getting access to future deals. Consistently returning items is not something that helps in building that relationship.

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Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. Your advertising fees from the Amazon Affiliate programme are dependant on several factors.
First ask, what is success to you? Start Here Evergreen items, meaning they’re not seasonal or holiday-specific When someone buys one, Amazon will handle the delivery and customer service.
Support Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner As I said, you need to make the money. You need to build the site, and you need to understand the logistics of running an affiliate marketing business.
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How do you find dropshippers? Step 4: Add a Disclaimer to Your Site Test and tweak – marketing is a big experiment so see what your people respond to and then do more of that type of post. 3. Amazon Private Label.
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Oceans of Crime Thanks for the tip on Amazon native ads. I had not thought of doing that. Great post.
The Amazon advertisement should be tailor-made for the specific content of your blog. It may be useful to write product test reviews, product introductions, comparisons, special offers, product news or comparable product related articles, in which one would place the respective Amazon Affiliate links or widgets associated with the content.
Well Kept Wallet Podcast Changed all our uploaded product images for proper amazon image links To center, just I have shared this comment in where this post is socially bookmarked for Internet marketers.
Open the text widget and change the editor you find there to Text. Marshall DSL Series DSL40C Subscribe to our mailing list
Dropshipping is the opportunity where you can sell physical products without the need to hold inventory.
1.0 out of 5 starsLove to be an Amazon Affiliate again Hi, I just bought a amazon affialte website off flippa. The guy installed it on my hosting and asking for my tracking Id. The website is all good and running. How would I know it’s my tracking Id or where can I find it and make sue its all good. thanks
Great and insightful post! You left no stone unturned, great resource post for affiliate marketers. Harry Smith says
How a 33-year-old turned $200 into $1 million in 92 days selling Kevlar pants online
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